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" Dust, animal husbandry and smile. Dust, animal husbandry, smiled, could not resist the secondary hand touched the girl delicate delicate cheeks, smiled and said:"I know, my family Luo Ling Road in the glass, but it Luo Wang, old domineering." Wenqing Xuan raised lips disdain, she was not proud of dust in front of the table, animal husbandry, exposing admitted that he is very powerful, although previously defeated dust, animal husbandry, really pretty even battle with some of the capability. cheap nike jerseys china All of them and did not intervene in this fight, are maintained sit on the sidelines, because they see that, whether it is animal husbandry and dust that party, or who just appeared Wu Yingying, troops behind them, are not weak, So they'd be happy to see them outside of this wooden mountain, direct their opponents. cheap jerseys china "Then you have to try it?" Luo to see the dust, animal husbandry, glass, Wenqing Xuan, Xu et al shortage, according to Lingbaoshan rules, he has successfully navigated the challenges, but also successfully got the nine positive fungus, so he nor can once again continue to challenge, but they apparently have a chance Luo glass, after all, there are many Lingbaoshan dilute the day material to treasure, if we can get it, for the strength of will is not a small improvement. He horrified scream, shrill voices are becoming a lot.

However, animal husbandry, and dust was not aware there was anything wrong place, only a little, is too quiet, but wooden temple ruins among so silence everywhere. Animal husbandry and dust hundreds of feet up the line of sight through those thorns cycads, look unto the deepest places, vague, it seems to be able to see some traces of ancient temples, but those ancient temples, all were cycads dense spines surrounded by heavy, iron thorns extending out, like a hedgehog in general. cheap jerseys from china He took pace, walked on the TV drama a nine positive Ganoderma away. cheap nfl jerseys china " Luo glass slowly said, gentle voice, but it is full of confidence for animal husbandry dust. Compared with the supreme spiritual solution, these things obviously do not have much appeal.

Two forces, each confrontation, crazy eroding. War even purple eyes flashing. This time, he will be completely spiritual strength is difficult for released without reservation out. " How very reluctant ah?" Qingxuan Wen the side smiling and said:"Do you know who Angela Wu brother is not it?" "Her big brother" dust, animal husbandry, hesitated and immediately spit out some surprising a name:"Wu Ling?" For Wu Ling, animal husbandry and dust can not unfamiliar, among its spiritual way he played against, so he knows very well the spirit of the powerful military, to some extent, is a not inferior Wu Ling Ji Hyun difficult people, this opponent, dust, animal husbandry and even do not want to provoke too much, so among the Hope Road, although there are dust, animal husbandry, and he had a fight, but compared with Ji Hyun is undoubtedly minor, each other Room is not too have too much resentment.